Creating your envisioned future self

UJJI - Meet the future you
2 min readDec 22, 2020


“I have discovered in life that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go if you want to go.”

— Langston Hughes

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Great inventions and other remarkable things that happen throughout history often started as visions. Similarly, the people who made said inventions and other people whose names have gone down in history for their remarkable achievements have some things in common. Firstly, they all started with a dream or an idea, which they worked upon until it became credible enough that they could convince others to see things through their eyes. However, what they were doing is preparing the world for their future selves. Some of those historic names were probably never heard of 10 or twenty years before they rose to that level. Still, they understood the power of the will and what their potentials can achieve, so aided by their will and potential, they started working towards their future self. You, too, can, and one simple method is by creating a mood board with inspirations that will assist you in actualizing your future self.

Mood boards can be created online, but if you aren’t too close to your devices, I recommend a physical mood board.

Let’s start with the purpose: your mood board is an architectural design of who your future self will be, the things you would use to identify yourself in the future are included there, and they serve as a reminder that you have set a course for a future, and that any day you aren’t working towards it is a day delayed to actualizing your future self.

The mood board’s content will include images, pictures, and words symbolic of who your future self will be. For example, suppose you envision your future self as a business mogul. In that case, your mood board could contain pictures of the current business moguls, logos of top business organizations in your intended niche, and you can also include some self-affirmative statements that you can use as a mantra.

Updating your mood board is also crucial because apart from serving as a reminder that your picture needs to join the people already there, it also helps keep yourself updated, which is an important aspect of planning.

Finally, it would be best if you always remember that your today’s actions will always determine the version of your future self that will be actualized.